Life skills Coaching

Without learned skills in life where would we be?

Many vital life skills are learned, and not caught. One can travel a whole lifetime and never connect the dots and fathom out where things could be dealt with better.

Learning a new life skill is highly empowering, and enables one to move forward in life with confidence. Here are a couple of examples:

Boundaries are like an invisible wall that we set around us giving power to self-determine what happens or not in our life. Without an understanding of boundaries how would you know when to allow or stop others controlling your life?

Being able to negotiate is vital to being able to get what we want. Without negotiation skills how will you be able to settle an issue with someone without becoming angry? Won’t your only options be to either overlook the issue (and become upset & stew inside) or blow up?

There are many Life-Skills, here are just a few: Assertiveness, boundaries, negotiation, push-backs, self-awareness, sensible trust, goal setting and living with internal peace.

Which life-skills would give you more empowerment in your life?

Life Skills…

Negotiation – The KING of life skills.

The saying goes like this. If we don\’t have good negotiation skills, we have few options apart from blowing up or clamming up. Negotiation skills encompass much more than the title may suggest. They allow one to assertively say what is needed gently.


Some people (or is it many?) are not respectful of our ‘Psychological Space’ and just trample in and demand of us,’ should’ all over us, make us feel small or just simply do a power grabbing job on us.  Knowing what boundaries are and how to set and maintain them is a vital life skill, which will keep us safe and empowered.  How good would that feel?…

Assertiveness – The QUEEN of life skills

If we are unable to assert ourselves, we tend to stay quiet and just let whatever happen. But, how far is resentment and the dis-empowered feelings trailing behind?   Empowerment follows asserting oneself.


Who’s running your life for you? Are you in the driving seat, or other people? Getting control of your life, your aspirations, your goals – is going to feel really uncomfortable. So what? How about support as you get hold of the reigns of your own life, and find out the real reasons you have been holding back for so long.


Yes, there are many more life-skills in the book (and more to come here). To be a really enabled person means Living Life on Your Terms.  Feel free to call or message me and discuss…