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For appointments please TXT me on 027 340 8325. Mobile, WhatSapp etc.. I will contact you.

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  • Please note: The next available appointments are the first week of July 2024.
  • For appointments and further information please TXT Michael on 027 340 8325

  • Michael Wise. Professional qualified Counselling, Relationships Counselling, Supervision & Training. With over 10,000 hours of counselling in New Zealand since 2010 as a professional.
  • At a glance – What you want to know: Price $135.00 per full hour session, same price for couples and families. Payment at the end of the session either: a) on your mobile phone app, or b) same day bank transfer. Invoicing by arrangement only.  (No EFTPOS)
  • How to book. Normal work days are Tue, Wed and Thu.  Text me on 0273408325. I am often booked up 2 or more weeks ahead, so book early.
  • CANCELLATIONS. It is really important to let me know more that 24 hours ahead so others can get an appointment, or as soon as you get the reminder email.  Expect a charge for no-shows and on the day cancellations.
  • Contacting me: For Questions or Cancellations: Please call or TXT me on 027 340 8325, or 03 745 9118
  • So much more than counselling. With Michael we will quickly get to grips with the real issues, and find insights, wisdom and strategy for change.  This modality of counselling looks into all levels of a person and the issues: Relational, Behavioural, Emotional, Rational (Self-Talk, Self-worth, Self-value, Self-image and personal Self-assumptions), and any historical issues.  You will find personal empowerment and needed Life Skills for coping in life.  There is much more information on the other pages of this website.  This is not non-directive / reflective only counselling.  We will look at options, strategy and insights needed for the change being looked for.
  • Michael is a Living Wisdom Associate Counsellor and licensed Presenter of Living Wisdom Schools, and fully approved by David Riddell, principal of Living Wisdom.
  • For personal, couples, family counselling & supervision. See the Services pages for details.
  • Supervision is for counsellors, trainee counsellors, social workers, people helpers, vicars, pastors and people in leadership, business owners and those in management roles. Supervision is to helps with stress, management, people and life skills, planning, difficult work conditions and more.
  • Based in North Canterbury, between Rangiora / Kaiapoi & Woodend. 10 minutes North of Belfast, 20 minutes from Christchurch CBD.   Services can be face to face, or by phone or video, national or worldwide


  • I have created a new handout sheet entitled Me & Myself. This addressed the important topic of the Self-Concept (Self-Worth, Self-Value, Self-Confidence, Individuation and many other Selves). I created this sheet for teenagers, but it has proved to be extremely helpful for adults and pre-teens as well.  Feel free to distribute this sheet but remember to leave the copyright message in tact.  See link here.


  • Me & Myself. Read here
  • Is there a Cure for Depression?  Read here. Depression is very often poorly understood. There are 6 kinds of depression we identify at Wisdom Counselling / Living Wisdom, and only one kind is a bio-chemical and most likely not the most common cause. The other five types of depression are volitional, or life issues not being faced well. Are you depressed or know someone who is, and do not know that if your / their depression is non bio-chemical, then it can be cured with good counselling?. See full details here
  • Fear based depression will continue to debilitate until new thoughts (insights) recapture confidence in one-self. When did powerlessness and anxiety first become a mindset? (D. Riddell). This stuck, fearful place is overcome by learned confidence, some bravery, assertiveness and other life-skills. Wisdom and Empowerment. It’s what I teach…