Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching with Michael

Successful leadership does not just happen. Most successful leaders are not ‘there’ by themselves, but know the value of using other skilled people for achieving their own dreams and at the same time having a balanced low-stressed life.

Let’s be honest, it can be hard at the top. Whether it be in private or corporate business, government department, school, church, charity or other enterprise the demands of getting it right and the emotional pressures can be huge.  It can also be a very lonely place.

Coaching / Supervision is a safe place to share the stresses and to develop strategies to cope well. The goal? To thrive rather than just survive. This means being in a responsible position and at the same time maintaining great mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Leadership / Supervision Coaching topics …

Staff issues

Motivating the workforce, Disciplining them in the right way, getting their support and earning their trust, … this is a long list.  A happy and motivated workforce removes so much negative stress and is like well oiled gears in a machine. Who wants to go to the workplace if it is not a happy place?

Stress Management

Staying healthy is top of this list for a very good reason. Having a breakdown or giving up a career because the stress was too great is not very nice – it is in fact an understatement.  Breakdown is the result of burnout, and burnout is the result of brownout and brownout is about loosing awareness of the level of stress and not attending to it.  Yes, with the right insights, discipline and planned self-care, leadership can be relaxed and enjoyable. That is how it should be, shouldn’t it?

Burnout & recovery

Oops, if you have already gone there, some help, encouragement and recovery tips and a lot of understanding are waiting…

Planning and Time Management

It’s a horrible feeling when the role gets overwhelming. A simple planning scheme and way to manage time greases the cogs… Strategy strategy and more strategy.

Workplace gossip and difficult people

As one rotten apple can spoil the barrel, so can one resentful and bitter person in the workforce who has a perceived grudge to bear – and who becomes the target. Understanding triangulation and what to do about it is vital for any leader of people.  Where there are people, there will be trouble, but staying ahead of their games can be done…

Where to next?

Sometimes getting to the top of the tree brings with it disillusionment, and figuring it out is a healthy thing to do. Where to next? What would bring real satisfaction?, may be some of the looming up questions…

Spiritual Leadership

This brings with it a different sort of challenge, as leading any voluntary organisation does. People are there voluntarily, and not paid – so their motivation is different. Leading spiritually is a delicate balance, and needs careful discernment. We often hear “People are leaving the Church in droves”, and if we think about that, there are probably very good reasons for them doing so. So, what does your really healthy, psychologically and spiritually safe and full church of the future look like, and how will you lead it there?

Sleep issues

Lack of sleep is really unhealthy, and can also be simply dangerous. It affects performance, relationships, and physical and mental / emotional health. Through these earthquake ridden years in Canterbury, sleep has evaded many, especially leaders. There are a set of specific ways to deal with not getting sleep. They are fairly behavioural in nature, and sometimes deeper – but they work.

And there is more…

What is your leadership challenge? You don’t have to wait for issues to arise before getting guidance and support.  Leaders come monthly for supervision, encouragement and a cuppa…