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Talks and Seminars

Wisdom Counselling provides a variety of talks and seminar teachings. These are in the form of business training, agency up-skilling, public events and sermons - all to do with Emotional / Mental / Spiritual Health.

Michael is a counsellor and Living Wisdom associate presenter. These topics are a mixture of teachings from Living Wisdom and also from Michael's study and practice. Michael has a passion to teach on the subjects of 'How to Attain great mental / emotional & Spiritual Health' in clear and simple and practical terms.

'Making Your Mind Your Friend':

1. How to become a Happy Bunny! How to set yourself up for a life of peace. Here are 12 rules for how to achieve great mental / emotional and spiritual health. Remember, good mental / emotional health provides a cocoon of peace in a sea of trouble and fear.

2. How to Change. Fed up of being stuck? Have you had enough emotional pain? Change can become easier, but it will need discipline, motivation and courage. Yes, it is worth the effort, will you be bothered to come along and find out how?

3. Re-Parenting yourself. Ever feel as if there is something missing deep inside? When our childhood caregivers didn't install the inner messages necessary for a self-confidence in life, we need to re-install the software for ourselves!

4. How to become a happy couple. Were you well set up for being married / a couple? Living with someone can be a severe shock to the emotional department, and certain mental / emotional skills are vital to learn to make it a success. Come along and discover a better way...

5. Vital child raising insights. Are you in trouble raising your child? Are they running wild, or struggling? You may well need these vital insights and teachings to cope and manage. These are real answers to real problems...

6. Grief, Loss & Resiliency. Grieving is a hard journey, but can be made easier with these insights into what has happened and how to face the future.

7. Stress, Brownout and Burnout. Notice how these three are a progression to somewhere you don't want to go? There is one further step called a breakdown, and you really don't want to go there. Wherever you are, be encouraged, there is a way to recovery and stop the fall and head back to safe ground...

8. Anger, Frustration and blowing up or clamming up.  Men (And some women too!) don't do emotions well do they? Well what do you think anger is? This talk will help to unwise WHY someone gets angry, and then WHAT to do about it. Drag the angry one along with you anyway. They need to be here too... (Remember, it is hard work being angry, and also living with an angry person!)..

9. Boundaries. The ability to set and maintain boundaries is vital to your mental / emotional health, but boundaries are so little understood. Do you have good boundaries to defend yourself against the intrusive person and the bully? A simple test is this. Can you say 'NO' at any time to anyone? Come along and get some rocket fuel for life...

10. Achieving your dream / Arrested Development. Do you ever say 'I can't do that'? Well, you can actually do just about anything if you re-evaluate where in life you assume 'you can't' and then un-arrest yourself. Want to do what you really want to? Come and find out how to achieve your dreams...

11. Living with the Crazy Maker. Why are some people just darn right difficult to be around and drive you crazy? This workshop for people helpers, and for anyone living with 'the difficult person', will give you tools to work with them.

12. Workplace squabbles? This one is for managers having staff troubles with employees. How to be in control without being controlling. It is all about having power without wielding power. It is also about attaining peace and actually enjoying going to work!

13. Traps for counsellors. Just about anyone can call themselves a 'Counsellor', but can also be really unsafe in doing so. Yes, the world & churches need good, safe helpers, so best to know what a 'Good, Safe counsellor does and does not do'. This talk is to encourage the people helper, and to show you how to keep safe and be safe. The problem is when we say 'I am safe' rather than the question 'Where could I unsafe?' - a question any quality counsellor is open to exploring... This talk could also be called 'The route to becoming a great counsellor...'

14. Addictions - Kicking the Habit. Whether it is smoking, drinking, food, work, theft, or whatever else that you or someone you care for are addicted to, wisdom for kicking it and getting your personal power and grit will be needed. Here it is...

15. Sexuality and confusion. A controversial subject for sure, possibly because of it being so miss-understood. TA better question may to ask 'Are you happy the way you are?'. If yes, then you won't need to be at this talk, but if no then these vital insights should set you onto a journey to freedom and being in single minded peace.

16. Anxiety and Depression, Is there a cure? Also for fear, panic and phobias. Have you got the label but don't know that very often there really is a way to be OK? Labels stick and can disable us from believing there is a cure...

17. Wisdom Counselling and Living Wisdom Counselling Modality. We use this powerful modern form of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) for very good reasons: It is often brief, it always gives the necessary insights and strategy to reach your goals of good emotional / mental and spiritual health. Basically, it works. This short talk covers the basics of this therapy so you can consider doing the complete 50 hour Living Wisdom School.

18. Forgiveness and Trust. Believe it or not, these are two completely separate subjects. Having trouble forgiving or trusting again? Are 'All men / women unworthy of trust'? But is it all eating you up? Remember, Resentment, Bitterness and Anger are like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die! Yes, there is a cure and a way forward...

19. The way to Prosperity. Sorry, there is no magic way to become rich! There are however ways to set yourself up for a great future, and it starts with your attitudes, beliefs and self-discipline. But first a question. What is your attitude to coming along and discovering a new way? Remember, 'The truth is that staying the same is the enemy of becoming your dreams'.

Faith / spiritual topics:

20. Spirituality. This inspirational talk is to explore what living a life of Peace, Joy and Love really is. It strips away much of what is simply 'religious' which blocks the way to living in the Fruit of the Spirit'. This talk is revealing, different and really really refreshing to the soul and designed to strengthen and inspire the spirit.

21. Belief and Spirituality. 'You are becoming your attitudes and beliefs. Is that scary or comforting?'  Religious beliefs run very very deep. Have yours set you free, given you a life of peace? Or have they bound you up in rules, legalism, fear and anxiety? These are not questions to read over lightly...

22. Why Churches & Clubs & Groups have so much trouble. Yes, there are safe churches and groups and then there are those that seem to have constant trouble, cause grief and splits. It ends up with extremely unhappy people. It happens on a regular basis, but why? After 27 years of observation and experience I have the insights to tell you exactly why, and also how to avoid it happening to you!

23. Truth, Assumptions and Epistemology, know the truth. It is really dangerous for the mind to just believe what we hear, and this includes in church. Assumptions, one of the very top words in psychology? We assumed that... can set us up for huge failure, disappointment and pain. Being able to seek TRUTH, know TRUTH and live in TRUTH is vital to our health. Remember, 'It is the truth that sets you free'? But, how to get there? And, what is the alternative to living in truth. Did you ever bother to 'check it out'?

24. Toxic Religion. Here are 20 things regularly taught in New Zealand churches which will eventually drive you to despair, or even madness! Avoid these and your spiritual life will be like a gentle stream rather than rocky rapids!