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Newsletter September 2017

The next Living Wisdom School starts 23th September 2017

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Relationships and the need for Life-Skills

Relationships are hard!  Well they are much harder without some vital life-skills in your tool-box.  The Living Wisdom School is rich in life-skills and teaches many of them.  Life-Skills empower us to be able to respond well to difficult situations and people,and to stay calm, rather than react badly.  Bad reactions are moodiness, anger, blowing up or clamming up, feeling intensely stressed or sickened, loss of sleep - to name but a few!

At work. Employment can be a tricky relationship situation. It can be easy to feel pressurised to work late, be pushed around by the boss, and find it hard to say what you really want. This is usually due to fear and a lack of life skills such as assertiveness, boundaries and negotiation.  Some bosses can be disrespectful, and don't allow freedom of discussion, or a balance of power. With life-skills in your tool-box you can restore this needed balance of power.

At Clubs or Church.  Non-paid organisations are a different kettle of fish. The relationship is not one where you are paid to do specific roles as in a workplace.  In non-paid places roles and boundaries are usually less well defined, and people generally are less well respectful and less well behaved when vying for their will to be exerted, and will fight for a place of influence and power.  A vital understanding of the type of management / power is needed before you can choose to trust the leaders. Is it autocratic (the leader is the ruler), democratic (no one is in charge and majority rule), consultative (there are leaders assigned to lead and make decisions, but they consult everyone first).  All can cause issues.

At Home.  Whether it be in the marriage, partnership or children - skills are needed to be able to stay calm and interact rather than react.  Good Communication skills such as listening, paraphrasing, and empathy are vital to ensure that everyone feels that their life and needs are important too.

Difficult people!  Some people are easy to get along with and some are just darn right difficult!  They are thin skinned, take things too personally, easily upset and offended.  Others are less likely to get upset, but you certainly fear them as you are walking on 'thin ice' when around them.  Do you know anyone like this? Or perhaps you recognise some of this in yourself?!

If you don't as yet have the life skills to cope in these and other situations and you are under stress, then please considerer two things:

1. Seeing a good counsellor who teaches sound life-skills.  Much of the work I do with people is in this area of life skills, and causes much depression, anxiety, fear, sleeplessness and ill-health. A life without good Life-Skills is a disempowered and often miserable life.  It really does not have to be this way.

2. Attend the 50 hour Living Wisdom School, which is equipping thousands across New Zealand and beyond to live an all round equipped and empowered life. How would that feel?

Living Wisdom School starts 23th September 2017

Details:            3 x Saturdays 9am to 3pm, 9 x Wednesdays 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Saturdays:       Sept 23rd, Oct 28th, Dec 2nd (Last day)

Wednesdays:  Sept 27th, Oct 4th, Oct 11th, Oct 18th, Oct 25th, Nov 1st, Nov 8th, Nov 15th, Nov 29th

Location:         Tuahiwi, between Rangiora and Woodend.

For the full curriculum, price see here, or call Michael on 027-340-8325 0r 03-745-9118.


Is there a Cure for Depression?

This article in the last newsletter has been very popular, so I mention it again here for you or anyone else who needs to understand that there are 6 types of depression, and 5 of them are not chemically caused - and therefore in general not fixed by medication. Good news to know this, as with some counselling & understanding depression can be a thing of the past.

Are you depressed or know someone who is, and do not know if the depression is bio-chemical or not? The full article can be found here 'Is There A Cure For Depression'.

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