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Newsletter October 2016

Living Wisdom School starts 15th October

Sometimes it is good to have an all-round up-skill in life, and just re-invent one's self!  On other occasions it can seem like counselling alone is not enough and a jolly good education in what great mental and emotional health and life skills are all about, and how to attain them.  As many have discovered, including myself, the Living Wisdom School  is just what is needed. It has punch, reality and gets to the real issues very quickly...

Do you know someone who would benefit in joining this school?  Please pass on this newsletter to them and encourage them to look into it..

You are invited to join the Living Wisdom School which starts on Saturday October 15th. This is a slower paced school than the usual one, and is run on 3 x Saturdays and 9 x Wednesday evenings between Oct 15th – Dec 17th (Dates and times below). Just a few seats left... Call 027 340 8325 / 03 745 9118 or contact here.

What is the Living Wisdom School?

It has been hard to wrap up what the Living Wisdom School is in a few words. The words of students however do wrap it up quite well, here are a few:

  • New awakenings to reality
  • The light that exposes the dark places in my soul
  • Uncommonly common sense
  • A checkup from the neck up!
  • Advanced Life & Counselling Skills that really work
  • The harmony between Psychology & Theology
  • All the things my parents didn't teach me (because they didn't know themselves)
  • Revealing the next rung in your ladder
  • Attending to the root that's producing bitter fruit
  • Teaching your mind to become your friend and work for you rather than against you
  • Emergency repairs for marriage and family life
  • A short sharp shock of reality therapy
  • Readjusting your faulty adjustments to life
  • A crash course in re-nurturing your inner child
  • A way out of toxic religion that won't damage your faith
  • Learning how to escape the cycle of addiction
  • New grooves for old ruts of the mind
  • Empowering questions to stimulate self-reflection
  • The right answer to the right person at the right moment
  • Freeing yourself from the fear of others
  • Making friends with your life
  • Gaining the confidence I need to become all that God meant me to be
  • Finding success without compromising faith
  • Truth in a nutshell
  • The fast-track out of stinky thinking
  • Healing my perspective on life
  • Choosing my own response to the difficult people in life
  • Getting on my own two feet
  • Recipe for a healthy mind
  • Discovering that my character is becoming my eternity
  • Discovering that my personality type need not be a life sentence
  • King hits for the king myths of our minds
  • A license to live
  • Making sense of God-words and Christian cliches
  • Escaping toxic religion and its practices
  • Keeping the main thing the main thing
  • Leaving childhood survival kits behind
  • Moving from obligation to ownership in all aspects of life
  • A challenge to all my most basic assumptions
  • So needed Rocket fuel for life

Dates & Times OCT 2016 School

Sat Oct 15th 9am-3pm

-Wed Oct 19th 6-9pm

-Wed Oct 26th 6-9pm

-Wed Nov 2nd 6-9pm

-Wed Nov 9th 6-9pm

Sat Nov 12th 9am-3pm

-Wed Nov 16th 6-9pm

-Wed Nov 23rd 6-9pm

-Wed Nov 30th 6-9pm

-Wed Dec 7th 6-9pm

-Wed Nov 14th 6-9pm

Sat Dec-17th 9am-3pm

For details see the Living Wisdom Schools page here


Boundaries & Push-backs

  • Have you got a person in your life who pulls power over you, and you don't know what to do about it?
  • Is that person intrusive, and over steps your boundaries?
  • Have you got boundaries, and do they know it?
  • Why are they nor respectful of your standards, and always winning you over?
  • Have you learned to say "NO!" gently but firmly yet, - or do you clam up or explode?
  • Can you discuss (Negotiate) without fighting with them?

Here are a few words on the subject from the Living Wisdom School manual:

Any relationship is heading for trouble if one or other can’t achieve a balance of power. Can you keep safe in the face of a bully? Can you keep your space in the face of emotional, political or religious coercion? RESTORE your boundaries and a balance of power with powerful gracefulness, rather than by summoning anger and rage, by pushing back gently as soon as the need arises. Remember, we are to “speak the truth in love” to the intrusive person. If you can’t push back, because part of you is still a child, you must either become angry, cringe, avoid, or just deeply resent the one who encroaches, and then go to where-ever resentment takes you. A relationship is only as good as the balance of power it rests on, but asking “wha’ did yer las’ slave die of?” while a good ‘bouncer’, is not considered sufficiently helpful in these enlightened times.   (D. Riddell)

By attending the Living Wisdom School, or getting personal counselling / coaching with me you can learn these vital life-skills, such as Assertiveness, Boundaries, Push-backs, How to stay safe around 'difficult people', Negotiation Skills, Maintaining a balance of power, Marriage and Partnership skills, Communication Skills, Raising children well skills, How to not take offense  and much much more..

Here are a couple of truth-coaches I use frequently:

  • If you don't set boundaries how will the other person know there behaviour is not acceptable to you?
  • If you are a people pleaser, you might say 'Yes', when you mean 'NO' as you try to keep them happy. Why is that?
  • Whenever you set a boundary, there will be a reaction. Be prepared beforehand!

How is life working out without these life-skills? OK? or  Painfully? Then a good up-skill will take away the pain ...


"Wise counsel for people embracing change..."

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Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of Wisdom Counselling.

With my regards and blessings,    Michael

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