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Newsletter April 2016

Living Wisdom Talks & Schools over 6 & 12 weeks in 2016

Due to some recent changes Michael is now the sole Living Wisdom presenter in Christchurch and Canterbury.  As such more Living Wisdom talks and schools are being arranged in Christchurch city during 2016 and beyond.

  • Saturday May 21st Talk: How to have Better Relationships, 9am-1pm, $25 one person / $40 couple. This will be more than a talk and will include time on listening skills & communication and putting it into practice. Location: Petersgate Centre, (Church Corner). Use contact form here to register.
  • Saturday May 28st Talk: Understanding Moods & Emotions, 9am-1pm, $25 one person / $40 couple. Why do I get so moody and emotional? Can it be different? Why so angry or fearful or depressed? This includes practical material for personal change. Location: Petersgate Centre, (Church Corner).. Use contact form here to register.
  • Mini School - 25 hours over 6 weeks. Starts June 4th 20016. Presenter Michael Wise
  • Full School - 50 hours in 2 weeks. Starts Sept. 26th 2016. Presenter David Riddell
  • Full School - 50 hours over 12 weeks. Starts Oct 15th 2016. Presenter Michael Wise

For details see the Living Wisdom Schools page here


Reparenting Oneself

The entire Living Wisdom School is in effect a process of re-parenting oneself. Where life, and our individual nurture did not set us up well for coping with life, this school is the opportunity of a lifetime to get some rocket-fuel ,to become empowered and equipped to not just get by in life and a survivor, but to really thrive and feel good about yourself. Are you on a roller-coaster and is life taking you on a journey, or are you the director of your own life -being in control?

Here are a few sample words from one of the pages in the School manual on re-parenting:

"The neglected or abandoned or abused child becomes a destitute soul by reason of a residual lack of self-nurturing, self-sustaining self-talk, during times of failure, isolation and discouragement that life delivers. The encouraging, affirming, comforting voices of father and mother are simply missing at a subconscious, supportive level, and the void is filled with all kinds of static from old child-hood musings-of-despair. These are usually negative or mixed or even delusional. Without a parents moderating, affirming voice, there are no reassuring reserves of optimism accumulated, and emotional overdraft is quickly reached during the downtimes, resulting in a steepening dive into depression, despair, anger or discouragement, and eventual emotional isolation. In fact, upon inspection, most of my vices turn out to simply be survival kits trying to fill the void that emotional deprivation has left me with."   (Copyright David J Riddell 2010)

If we were not set up in life to cope and thrive, then until new wisdom, life-skills, and an inner sense of being in control is learned, we are deemed to stay the same.

One of my fridge magnets has the saying 'The truth is that staying the same is the enemy of becoming your dream'. Essentially, are you progressing towards your dream?

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New Website

We have now launched a new website, and love it's modern look and feel. It is hard to believe that this is the fourth Wisdom Counselling website in just six years.  Going by that statistic, a web site is lasting about 18 months before it needs modernising!  All comments are really appreciated...


Good Books

Telling Yourself the Truth - by William Bachus / Marie Chapian

In this age where 'truth' is banded around all over the place, and some pretend there is no such things as truth, it is important to know when one is telling oneself the truth or not. Stinky thinking (Not telling yourself the truth) leads to stinky emotions and combined they lead to a miserable life.  This book is an accompanying 'must read' to doing the Living Wisdom School, and is the basis upon the principles of Misbelief Therapy.


Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of Wisdom Counselling.

With my regards and blessings,    Michael

Web:    Phone: 03 745 9118 or 027 340 8325