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Newsletter May 2017

Registrations open now! - The next Living Wisdom School starts 20th May 2017

We have just completed the last school, which was over subscribed, and have therefore decided to run an extra school starting 20th May.  That is just 2 weeks away!  Please call in or contact me asap if you would like to join this school.

  • Make your mind a friendly and safe place to dwell in.
  • A 'Check up from the neck up'!
  • Probably life's most important Up-Skill.
  • Relationships. Just imagine an anger free life, skills to deal with that difficult boss, partner or child.
  • Understand and overcome those destructive feelings and emotions. Why is it that they repeatedly rule and destroy so many lives?  No more need to be upset, blow up, clam up or loose sleep..
  • Where are you on the stress level?  Are you burning out or heading for a breakdown?
  • Are your beliefs delivering peace or anxiety & turmoil?  Understanding when religion has turned toxic is also closely connected to mental / emotional health. Faith should be delivering peace...
  • Have you been told there is no such thing as truth?  Well, if there is no truth, what is left?
  • "Good mental / emotional health happens by design and not by accident. It is mostly taught rather than caught".

The Living Wisdom School does all this and much much more. 50 hours of learning great mental, emotional and spiritual health to set you up to thrive in life rather than just surviving or struggling.

This is the teaching which most parents didn't know about, and could not teach you. Our schooling system doesn't teach it either, so where else will one learn it, or do we just go through life without it?

Insights are vital to our health and our future.  The Living Wisdom School is a collection of teachings, insight and wisdom that has been put together over the last few decades and taught to enable students to live an empowered, conscious and 'Live as the Wise', free from destructive behaviours, feelings, beliefs and attitudes. This is 50 hours of teaching so that you can have a spring clean and remove the mental cobwebs that otherwise cause stuck and painful lives. Often nothing was there to set you up for a strong, in control, purposeful life.  Living Wisdom changes all that.

Details:   Saturdays 9am to 3pm, Wednesdays 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Sat May 20th, Wed May 24th, Wed May 31st, Wed June 7th, Wed June 14th, Wed June 21st

Sat June 24th, Wed June 28th, Wed July 5th, Wed July 12th, Wed July 19th, Sat July 22nd

For the full curriculum, price and registration see here, or call Michael on 027-340-8325 0r 03-745-9118.


Is there a Cure for Depression?

Depression is very often poorly understood. There are 6 kinds of depression we identify at Wisdom Counselling / Living Wisdom.  Only one of these is bio-chemical needing medication, and is not the most common cause. The other five types of depression are volitional, or life issues that have been learned. We believe that what has been learned can be unlearned, and good mental health attained.  Pills will not teach one to have a better relationship, or to find insights or wisdom, or to or help to make good choices.  Pills won't give you a good self-esteem or bring self-confidence. Nor will they help you find meaning, or purpose, or acknowledge your emotions and what they are correctly or incorrectly saying to you.

Wow, yes, that was a lot of 'OR's'.  I find that much depression evaporates as a person addresses these issues, gains understanding and self-empowerment.  These five non-bodily depressions can often quickly then be overcome with a few counselling sessions and equipping with life-skills.  Attending a Living Wisdom School is also another way to greatly help get an all round up-skill.

Are you depressed or know someone who is, and do not know if the depression is bio-chemical or not? The full article can be found here 'Is There A Cure For Depression'.

For information on the Schools and articles see the Wisdom Counselling website.


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