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Newsletter January 2018

Booking now - Living Wisdom School starts 24th February 2018

Run over 10 weeks, 3 Saturdays, 9 Wednesday evenings.


Many people have found the Living Wisdom School to be a life-changing experience, gaining vitally needed tools to cope mentally and emotionally in a challenging world.  How are you doing in your world? Are you coping well and thriving? If you are just surviving, then this school will give you the tools to change, and to enjoy being empowered and in control of your life.

An understanding of one's feelings, and if each one is reflecting reality is VITAL to attaining good mental / emotional health.  The challenge firstly is to know and name what one is actually feeling, and this for many is a real challenge.  Yes, angry, or frustrated, or upset - but this only describes things when they have gone too far. What is the name of the deeper feeling?  It could be powerless, guilt, disappointment or one of about a hundred more. Just as an example, I find that many people feel guilt, or ashamed - when there is no need to at all. There is a time to feel these of course, but if nothing has been done wrong, the feeling needs to be challenged for it's validity, and then worked through. This is called false guilt or shame, and can be crippling.

"Is this feeling I am feeling about reality to me or not?" is a powerful question to ask repeatedly throughout life.  A feeling driven life leads to chaos in relationships, finances, workplaces and is a robber of peace. Unchallenged feelings lead to: taking offence too easily, be afraid and intimidated by situations, being a people pleaser and used by others, believing one is a victim when one is not, feeling guilty when it is unwarranted, worrying about what others think of us - just to mention a few. A single feeling can stunt our growth, stop us reaching our dreams, or finding a partner. What feelings are blocking your path to happiness? 

Yes, all feelings are real and happening, but many are simply not about reality...

Here is an excerpt from this one of many lessons taught in the Living Wisdom School:


“I feel, therefore I am. If I feel it, then that’s how it must be”. Feelings are not a totally reliable guide to how things are, and if one’s background includes trauma, abuse, alcoholism, abandonment or severe dysfunction, then one’s feelings will frequently misconstrue the shape of reality. This then forms a terrible loop - feelings acted on without a check on their validity, often brings about the very thing the person fears. “I feel humiliated, therefore I MUST have been insulted” is probably the most common version of this phenomenon. It is a primary cause of divorce and the reason why some people are difficult to live with, or work with. It is the engine that drives the self-fulfilling prophecy. The emotions that are always obeyed, just get more and more demanding – they get too strong and eventually over-power the spirit of the person.

Examples are:

"I feel like I’m not coping, therefore I can’t cope."

"I feel humiliated, therefore I MUST have been insulted".

"I feel taken—for-granted, therefore I’m just being used".

"I feel all alone, therefore I’m not loved".

"I feel abused, therefore I am (or must have been) abused".

"I don’t feel like part of this group, therefore I shouldn’t be here".

"I feel despair, therefore it’s really a hopeless situation."

"My feelings would never lie to me" (The main King Lie that underpins all Emotional Based Reasoning)


* Feelings must report reality, not impose or determine reality.

* A self-referential person will go increasingly off line as they measure their feelings by their feelings. This can result in escalating mood—swings, anorexia, phobia, depression, inferiority / self- hatred, and eventually a personality disorder. The root and sustenance of this is pride and the loss of basic trust, resulting in the refusal to accept correction from someone who knows better.

© 2010 David J RiddeIl, NeIson, NZ


For more details of the curriculum and other life-skills taught in the school please see here.


Living Wisdom School starts 24th February 2018

You are invited to join the Living Wisdom School which starts on Saturday February 24th 2018. This is a slower paced school than the usual two week school, and is run on 3 x Saturdays and 9 x Wednesday evenings between Feb 24th – Apr 28th (Dates and times below).  Call 027 340 8325 / 03 745 9118 or contact here.

Dates & Times Feb - Apr 2018 School

Sat 24th Feb            9am - 3pm

-Wed 28th Feb          6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 7th Mar            6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 14th Mar          6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 21st Mar          6.30 - 9.30pm

Sat 24th March       9am - 3pm

-Wed 28th Mar          6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 4th Apr             6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 11th Apr           6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 18th Apr           6.30 - 9.30pm

-Wed 25th Apr           6.30 - 9.30pm

Sat 28th Apr         9am - 3pm

$920 for the 50 hour School.
$100 Deposit on registration.
This price includes a free counselling hour, the Living Wisdom School Manual, Living Wisdom Insights Booklet and Certificate.
Please call and discuss. Payments by instalments can be negotiated.

Venue: Wisdom Counselling offices, Tuahiwi, between Rangiora and Woodend.

For details see the Living Wisdom Schools page here


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