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Newsletter December 2015

ASSUMPTIONS - They RULE and RUIN our lives!

Have you ever actually questioned what the word 'Assumption' means? Assumption is arguably one of the most important words in psychology. An assumption is something we have either consciously or sub-consciously accepted as being true, but have never seriously questioned whether this is true at all. This is why assumptions rule our lives, and believe me, one assumption can easily ruin a whole life!

Below are examples of Assumptions taken from the Living Wisdom Manual which are regularly unearthed in the counselling room. These may be thought of as basement-level or subconscious misbeliefs.

As you read them, which ones apply to you, or a friend or family member? remember, just reading and recognising them probably will not fix much. Help will be needed to trace, face and replace each misbelief (lie) with truth. (They can be stated in many different ways)

  1. "Trust nobody - my survival is all up to me".

  2. "Everyone is trustworthy".

  3. "My value and significance is decided by people."

  4. "My worth and significance is determined by my performance".

  5. "Success, life and happiness should come easily."

  6. "I am helpless and powerless. I have no power - others have all the power in my life".

  7. "It's dangerous to become an adult" or "Commitment is dangerous - it will trap me."

  8. "Life must always be fair and just" or "I must always get even".

  9. "All events are God's will."

  10. "I'm not acceptable / adequate" or "I'm stupid / rejected."

  11. My choices have no consequences”.

  12. My feelings are always absolutely reliable and should always be listened to”.

  13. If I love them, then their feelings are my responsibility” or “I determine others moods”.

  14. Disappointment is unbearable”.

  15. I am my body”.

  16. Failure is unacceptable” “It is dangerous to ever be at fault”.

  17. I am who I am – I cannot change”.

  18. I don't belong here”.

  19. I must never be / I am a nuisance”.

 (Copyright David J Riddell 2010)


Living Wisdom 50 Hour School over 12 weeks

Michael full

Next School starts - 13th February 2016

'Is your Mind Your Friend?, or is there a constant war going on inside?'

This school teaches in profound terms to 'Teach our minds to become our friends' and 'How to be in control of life, rather than life and others controlling you'.

So many minds are in turmoil and not grounded in peace...

Students often say such as this: 'How did I ever cope in life without having these skills?'.

 The Living Wisdom School is broad and covers the following main headings:

  • Personal Life-Skills for knowing one's-self and being in control of life.
  • Relationships, Issues, Understanding others and staying safe
  • Child rearing Skills
  • Faith issues / Toxic religion
  • Mental Health good and bad, plus addiction topics
  • Counselling Skills
  • Sexual issues
  • Successful living, money, and business skills.

This school covers a wide range of topics - starting with the foundational building blocks which defines us as individuals.  Each student discovers what feeds their reactions/responses; and you gain understanding into moods and emotions, taking away keys to effect & lasting change.

 A few questions can quickly determine if an up-skill is needed:

- Have you attained peace in life, or do you have to resort to bad moods and emotions. anger or sadness to cope?

- Do you have the vital life-skills to cope with life?', or do you 'clam up' and become frustrated when under pressure?

- Are you often caught between the rock and a hard place and become sad or depressed?

- Do you understand that much which is called depression and anxiety is not of chemical origin, and does not need medication but rather 'a friend that is one's friend'.

- 'What are you becoming?' - Do you know how to plan and become what you really wanted to become? Or did you get lost along the way somewhere?

- Do you know how to manage the difficult people in your home or workplace? Or perhaps you have become a 'difficult' person yourself? Really, there are skills to cope and still maintain one's peace and dignity.

- Relationships are a challenge, and can be just overwhelming! Is this really Love, or something else? Learn the difference and how to challenge the nonsense!

- Religious nonsense is also widespread and hurts - HURTS. Can you yet detect healthy and safe religion from the toxic mind-bending practices?

 This is the slower alternative to the block course, same material, same price and format as the two week school. This school is run over a 12 week period with 3 Saturdays and 9 weekday evenings, usually a Monday or Wednesday (By mutual agreement with students).

 The Wisdom Counselling offices are situated between Rangiora and Woodend, just 25 minutes from Christchurch CBD - the perfect distance for carpooling and chatting through the material en route! Some like to socialise and eat out on the way in Kaiapoi or Woodend.

You are welcome to attend one day or one evening, free of charge. Please call to arrange.

 This course is a great way to up-skill as an individual, people helper, counsellor, minister or leader. It is also a wonderful way to set up the young adult for a successful and emotionally balanced life and sense of being in control!

 Included in this course:

- 50 Hour course

- the Living Wisdom Course Manual

- Living Wisdom Insights Manual

- One personal counselling hour

- Course Certificate

For more details click here or call in.


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      For Leaders, Social workers, Counsellors, people helpers, Pastors, School leaders and Medical professionals who are finding it beneficial to have supervision on a monthly basis. For further details see here.

Good Books.
     How much do you love yourself? A healthy self-love really is vital for living a happy life! This is a book I highly recommend for anyone who has esteem issues, and does not like / love or value themselves enough. The daily sayings in this book coach the mind to truth about loving self.

     I have about 7 of these left, they are priced at NZ$20.00.


On a personal note.
I had a wonderful 6 weeks in Europe in July and August. It was so exciting to visit family and Cambridge, my home town and explore the hidden places that most tourists do not know exist! Hobson's Conduit is a historic watercourse that can be enjoyed in the pool in Emmanuel College.'s_Conduit

 Biking in Holland and Germany was a dream come true (again) and I biked over 400km in less than two weeks. The historic town of Zutphen was a delight and so was the Radio Kootwijk area as I biked across the country from Oldenzaal to Tienhoven.


Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of Wisdom Counselling.

 May you have a restful, peaceful and blessed Christmas....

With my regards and blessings, Michael Wise

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