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michael wise

About Michael

Michael has been involved in counselling as part of being a missionary / pastor over the last 20 years, in the West Indies, UK, Holland and New Zealand. He is a now full time counsellor with formal qualifications in both counselling and theology. This is a useful toolkit where issues are both psychological and spiritual in nature. Matters of faith only come into counselling at a person's request. You will be fully respected whatever your faith or beliefs may be. "It is always a delight for me to see people transformed and empowered, taking back the reigns of their life. Resolving emotional issues and learning new life-skills seems to me to be like adding rocket fuel to life!" Spiritual issues hurt, and I have helped many through current and historical religious / emotional / mental abuse. Finding resolution and peace is like being set free from imprisonment. 

About Wisdom Counselling

Wisdom Counselling uses the Living Wisdom form of Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) with its many unique tools that Living Wisdom has developed. Useful techniques from other modalities are also dipped into when appropriate, providing a useful and practical set of tools in the toolbox

About Living Wisdom

Wisdom Counselling is a Living Wisdom training partner and runs the various Living Wisdom courses. The Living Wisdom 50 hour school is run by Michael twice yearly spread over a term. See here for details Living Wisdom School

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